Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tribal inspired fashion

® TeenVogue
A trend that is every now and then popping up is Tribal inspired fashion. Teen Vogue wrote an article about it in its 2011 trend report : 

From L.A.M.B. to Missoni, the runway was a delightful smorgasbord of vibrant patterns inspired by everything from African fabrics to American prep staples. Forget everything your mother told you about mixing prints - for this look, the more you pile on the better! To get the trend just right, try mix n' matching motifs with at least one thing in common, whether it be color palette, size or common graphic line. Most importantly: Wear it with utter confidence!

That was 2011.... however, the trend was only starting of then. wrote: "You're going to see a lot of ethnically inspired fashion for both men and woman in spring/summer of 2012..".. And indeed, when we look at some of todays designs and fashion stiles, they truly are Tribal inspirations. Some can be clearly traced back to specific cultures, for others its harder to do.

SmpliAnwi's Metal Magma
BarefootModiste's "La Nubiƫnne"
Also on Etsy we can find Ethnic / Tribal fashion. Canada-based Barefootmodiste for instance has almost made her trademark out of it. Her store is litteraly filled to the brim with patterns, dresses and accesories that breath Africa. All hand crafted pieces, with material that comes from Africa and are designed by an African. True masterpieces. From her also comes a new fashion statement: Tribal inspired chokers. Also each handcrafted from African Cotton material, one can truly define them as "Fashion with an attitude".  Necklaces are also a favorite for tribal adventures. Shopstyle features some of them, like Cara Couture's Tribal Multistrand necklace. More Indian inspired is for instance Metal Magma, which has more Mayan influences to it. With some doomsday-seeers saying the Mayan Empire predict 2012 to be the end of this world, maybe it's a good idea to pay tribute to the once so powerful Empire of Central America this year! Who knows, it might keep you safe. And if the world will not end, well at least you were stylish!

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