Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vogue China's CAPITAL error

We all know that in fashion / modeling, PhotoShop is a household brand: I believe there are little to no photo reports in ANY fashion magazine that have not had a PS-treatment.
Of course, the amount of "tweaking" to a picture or reportage differs greatly. From highlighting some colours, increasing the hue or saturation to editing away a few love-handles.

But Vogue China has pushed the envelope to a new, never seen level.
In their newest editorial about Doutzen Kroes, there is a spread of her sunbathing.... One Legged!
Some photoshop-geek of Vogue obviously decided that the model looked better with one leg, and the editor probably did not do a thorough quality check. Because a mistake like that is not just a "slip of the hand".

Or, there is the slight possibility that Vogue China decided to do it deliberately as a Guerilla Marketing strategy. Or am I now thinking too bad things?

Here's the wreaked picture that appeared in Vogue China:

A one-legged Doutzen Kroes? [Source: Vogue China]

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